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  • Life Selector The Sexologist

    You always had a knack for helping people and ladies were always keen on you… so it came naturally for you to become a psychiatrist… or more a sexologist… with a unique method to “mend” the soul.  By now you are one of the most popular in the business and women look for you day […]

  • Life Selector Having Fun with Sasha Rose

    Sasha Rose is a classy Russian woman – she’s attractive, sexy and passionate: the best girlfriend material. Her being your secretary makes work difficult – but Sasha doesn’t hesitate much, she’s ready to show you how much she likes you.  Why shouldn’t you make her your girlfriend then, right? If you do so, you will […]

  • Life Selector The Crafty Club Owner

    A bar owner. A saint with flaws. A successful entrepreneur. A fixer. A womanizer. This is some of the traits people know you by.  You help the girls of the street, you deliver rare, expensive wine, you offer workplaces in one of your many bars… and you fuck. A lot. Being handsome, charismatic and well […]

  • Life Selector Your College Yearbook – Senior Year

    You already have told the story of three of your College Years – but there’s one more eventful, sexy semester or two to talk about, namely your Senior Year. And what a year it was…  Right in the first chapter you will be the happy victim of some hardcore French lessons with the gorgeous tutor […]

  • Life Selector Exotic Getaway with Emma Hix

    You are your own boss, so if you decide one morning that you’re taking your super hot girlfriend, Emma Hix to an exotic getaway on the very same they, then that what will happen.  Emma will definitely feel herself the luckiest girl for having such an amazing boyfriend like you. She won’t be ungrateful for […]

  • Life Selector Jessica Jaymes Biggest Fan

    Jessica adores her fans and gives them anything she can to make them happy.  She is very generous with them all, regularly showering them with the biggest gift she can give: her body. This time you are the lucky one who can enjoy some private time with her. The question, what will you do with […]

  • Life Selector Just a Usual Day

    It is like any other day. As usual as it can be, apart from a few minor events. Things like fucking your assistant in the afternoon.  Or finding a pretty thief in your home and teach her a lesson with your cock. Or when you fuck your girl and even have the energy to visit […]

  • Life Selector Thristy Blowmasters

    We all know by now… maybe we always knew… that occasionally a quick oral satisfaction worth more than fucking a pussy.  With that in mind we have an offer: if you are looking for a quick relief, these blowjob queens will make you satisfied in a few minutes. Choose one of them – Sarah Jessie, […]

  • Life Selector Miss Spectacular – The Beginning

    Every big story has a beginning. Every big contest has a preliminary part. Every beauty queen has a past. And behind it all, there is a Man who made it possible: You. You are the owner, the judge and the god of the illustrious beauty contest called Miss Spectacular, an event where gorgeous girls from […]

  • Life Selector OMG I fucked a Ghost!

    You start working at a rich family’s mansion as the new gardener. Your job is pretty boring but your days won’t stay uneventful for long. First you have to deal with the maid, Miranda. You have to protect the spoiled brat of the family, Darcia. And then there’s time to face the mysterious ghost of […]

  • Badoinkvr Jynx Maze in Master Waiter

    You moved to LA from the countryside just 6 weeks ago and you’re already the head waiter and one of the best restaurants in the area. Jynx Maze has just sat down at a table for one and she’s in the market for a special meal, and we aren’t talking about the chef’s famous prawn […]

  • BadoinkVr Bailey Brooke in Tenant’s Agreement

    You moved to LA to live the American dream. You want it all: fame, money, work, and of course pussy. You got a good deal on a room in a house with just about the sexiest landlady imaginable, Bailey Brooke. Due to Bailey’s distinct lack of spatial awareness, you’ve managed to overhear her on the […]

  • BadoinkVr Alina Lopez in Pool Cues

    When you invited Alina to your pool party, you never mentioned that it would just be the two of you. As she rocks up to your backyard, she sees you laying out by the pool, stark naked and sporting a semi and she quickly picks up your erotic cue and realizes that no one else […]

  • Badoinkvr Veronica Clark in Wake up Call

    Sundays are typically a day of rest, but today, you’ve got obligations. When your girl Veronika wakes you up, you suddenly remember that you promised to take her out for brunch today. Overpriced mimosas and guacamole on toast don’t sound as good now that you’re half asleep. Veronika knows how to stir you though. She’s […]

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