Vr Bangers Athena Faris Too Big To Be True

Few months ago we have told you that VR Bangers – one of the premium makers of top-quality VR porn movies – have introduced the 6K ultra high definition resolution inside of their immersive VR porn experiences. Even though you could have seen other VR porn scenes in 6K UHD by now, the producers were the first to shoot such adult films in virtual reality, thus raising the bar for the entire industry and setting a new standard for their competitors. CLICK HERE FOR MORE VR BANGERS! Apart from the super-high quality of such VR porn videos, the most important part of the introduction of this technology to virtual reality xxx scenes is the fact that with a resolution significantly higher than previously “ruling” 4K ultra high definition, the studio has increased the amount of pixels displayed on VR headsets’ screens by a lot – hence making a lot of details being more visible and noticeable. In their latest VR porn scene called Too Big To Be True, though, it turns out that even the amazing 6K UHD resolution is not good enough when you are about to deal with a biggest cock in the world – incredibly beautiful teen VR porn star, Athena Faris, is about to learn that literally the hard way. CLICK HERE FOR MORE VR BANGERS!
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