Vr Bangers Gianna Gem Precious Package

Has the delivery company ever “misplaced” your package and you had to wait for something that was super important to you – or, which is even worse, the item has been lost irretrievably? A somewhat similar situation has just happened to Gianna Gem in her newest VR porn movie recorded together with VR Bangers – one of the premium VR porn videos’ makers – although the girl has managed to find a very enjoyable solution to this rather unpleasant incident. CLICK HERE FOR MORE VR BANGERS! We are all using the services of the couriers and companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS and many others pretty much every day – in times when you can order almost everything via Amazon, it is no wonder that the convenience of online shopping more and more often wins with dealing with sellers from local stores and shopping malls. What is more – which is probably even more important – Internet is a wonderful creation full of unparalleled things, and with its use you can get yourself pretty much anything you want, thus making your deepest hidden (including sexual) dreams come true. Gianna Gem is well aware of that and she has just used one of those kinky internet sex shops to get herself a giant dildo in the latest VR porn scene from VR Bangers called the Precious Package. The problem is that even though she has been waiting for the enormous rubber dick that could finally satisfy her filthy urges and stretch her tight pussy good, the delivery company has made a mistake and she has been provided with a regular sized cock – the one that definitely is not good enough for her needs. What can she do about the fact and how can she save the situation? Well… CLICK HERE FOR MORE VR BANGERS!
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